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The Nuclear Age: R WE SAFE? 

The Citizens for Peace Education Committee is responding to the recent Fukushima nuclear plant disaster which served as a wake-up call on nuclear safety.  The intention of this blog is to gather and present information on the benefits of nuclear energy as well as the potential hazards it creates for quality of life and even sustainability of life on earth.  Can we afford this gamble when the stakes are possibly beyond our worst imagination? Much is said, written, and seen on the effects of our Nuclear Age as sources of energy, medical healing, and waging wars. Yet, as more is learned about the dangers of radioactive nuclear waste and its long-term life, it raises the question of safety, “How safe are we?” The data gathered for this blog covers Nuclear Power, War and Nuclear Weapons (Iraq, Gulf, WWII) and Nuclear Medicine. It is an abstract, briefly highlighting specific points. It does not tell the whole story. How accurate, distorted, or complete, is up for debate. Should you wish to learn more, we have included a Bibliography as well as the sources for the information you see here. You may disagree with these sources. If you do, we ask you to post your data in the comment area of the blog (with your source, please). The familiar compelling question comes to mind, “Does the end justify the means?” If you are so moved, you may wish to submit your safety concerns to your representative or to one of the agencies listed below or just read the material with an inquiring mind and reflect!

International Atomic Energy Agency, www.iaea.org
IAEA Office at the United Nations
1 United Nations Plaza, Room DC-1-1155
New York, New York 10017 USA

Nuclear Regulatory Commission, www.nrc.gov
Hubert Bell, Inspector General or David Lee, Deputy Inspector General
Washington D.C. 20555-001

The Citizens for Peace Education Committee


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