About Us

The Citizens for Peace Education Committee, (501 c3) is an extenstion of the Citizens for Peace, and organized for the purpose of supporting and conducting nonpartisan research, education, and informational activities to increase public awareness of peace and nonviolent issues.

The Citizens for Peace was formed by a group of residents from the 11th Congressional District on Veterans Day, 2003.  They have met monthly since then focusing on non-violence as a method to reduce conflict.  It is a nonprofit nonpartisan political organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Michigan as 501 (c)(4).

Their mission is to be responsive community leaders centered on learning, educating, and facilitating the practices and principles of non-violence in our world.  We encourage the empowerment of an active citizenry, and support a United States Department of Peace, a Youth Promise Act and violence prevention.

To learn more about the Citizens for Peace visit www.citizensforpeace11.blogspot.com 
or call 734-425-0079.

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